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    Careers, Life, Work Experience & Unifrog

    Careers, Life, Work Experience & Unifrog


    Careers Guidance in the 6th Form

    The AGS careers programme intends to prepare all students for a changing world of work. 

    However, rather than just being a careers programme, it is particularly important that we equip young people with more than knowledge; the importance of happiness within, whatever your outside circumstances, how to be resilient to all life throws at you and an awareness of philosophy and the political environment. Of course, up to date careers advice about the world of work and apprenticeships is a main focus, as will the steps they need to take to apply to university and to make the right choices regarding their course and chosen place of study. Gap years and voluntary work for those who want to take a different path are also highly valued.

    The 6th form ‘Life’ programme brings in speakers and professionals from all walks of life, varied occupations and past students.  This enables us to keep up with the latest ideas and initiatives weekly with the students and share with them current research and experiences from professionals as they happen. In addition, students are kept aware of the latest opportunities and notices via the Careers twitter feed

    Alcester Grammar employs an independent careers advisor to allow students in need to receive timely and specialist support regarding choices, destinations and further study. Appointments can be booked through the 6th Form Office.

    In addition to the ‘Life’ programme students have access to the following careers opportunities during the 6th form:

    • Intranet resources on GAP Years, Personal Statements and Work Experience
    • UCAS Application and Personal Statement Support
    • Oxbridge screening and mock interviews
    • Morrisby and Heap course-finder resources
    • AGS Careers Fair
    • International University fair

    Our aim is to equip these young people to step out into the world as ‘decent human beings’ but most importantly to show them “what you know matters, who you are matters more” (Brene Brown).

    Job Centre

    If you need to locate a Jobcentre Plus office, to get information on benefits and employment, use this link to find local support:

    National Career Service

    Click here for the latest ‘Be Inspired’ e-bulletin from the National Career Service. The bulletin brings you news on what’s happening in the world of careers and national, regional and local labour market information intelligence, data and facts.

    Labour Market Report

    This is the link to the Quarterly Labour Market report from the Economy and Skills Group at Warwickshire County Council. The bulletin considers themes such as the latest employment and unemployment data, economic activity and real-time demand in the labour market for the October-December 2017 quarter (Q4). It also contains a summary of the latest business news from Warwickshire and the wider Coventry and Warwickshire LEP area, and will aid students in choosing potential apprenticeships and careers.