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Applications Process

In order to apply for Sixth Form for 2021:

Stage 1

Our Virtual Open Evening event will be held on Thursday 12th November 2020. Details of this event will be released soon. 

Stage 2

Apply for Subject Sampling. The application form for this event will be available following Open Evening.

Students, you should choose between 5 and 7 subjects that you are considering taking in sixth form to trial at this event,  including those you may be taking at GCSE, to fully appreciate the step up in work that is required to achieve your intended A levels grade. Please note this IS NOT your formal application to Sixth Form - this comes later.

Deadline for applications to attend Subject Sampling Evening is 18th January 2021. You will be be sent a personalised timetable that is tailored to your specific subject choices.

Stage 3

Attend Subject Sampling Evening on 4th February 2021. Trial your chosen subjects.

Stage 4

Complete the Year 12 Admissions Form for Sixth Form entry in September 2021. This form will become available after our Subject Sampling evening. 

Deadline for completing the Admissions Form is 4pm Monday 22nd February 2021. 

Click here for our entry requirements for your chosen subjects.

It is your responsibility to make sure your application form is submitted on time.

Stage 5

Attend an informal interview during March/April 2021

Stage 6

Attend Pre-Admissions Presentation for Students and Parents in the summer term.

Stage 7

Register on GCSE results Day – before 12 noon.  The exact date for GCSE results has yet to be released.