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Personal Development

As a school community, we are hugely ambitious with our goals to build opportunities for Personal Development. In essence, we are working to build a school where all students:

  • are happy, fulfilled and engaged learners
  • develop the skills, behaviours, and characteristics to feel empowered to thrive as global citizens
  • are supported to build an understanding of what it takes to be decent human beings.

It is absolutely right to be ambitious; competition in the 21st century jobs market is higher than ever, mental wellbeing is being challenged more than ever, and the world is changing at a faster pace than experienced in history. We are absolutely determined that when our students leave us, they do so ready to achieve their full potential, with a desire to give back to society, and with a strong foundation to live fulfilled lives. 

Our Personal Development programme ranges from teaching practical ‘Life’ skills, to supporting the development of key characteristics such as resilience and curiosity, to encouraging students to find ‘their thing’, to providing opportunities to develop leadership skills, and to finding ways for students to support the local community, and contribute to the wider world.

Students are very much encouraged to take ownership for their own development, and be proactive in seeking ways to achieve the goals set out here. They are supported by a staff body who are fully committed to the importance of Personal Development alongside academic achievement.