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We offer a wide variety of enrichment experiences beyond the classroom, including: 

  • Art Galleries,  Charity Work,  Chess club,  Concerts, Duke of Edinburgh Awards at Bronze, Silver & Gold levels,  Field Studies,  Modern Language Residential Visits (French, German, Spanish),  Work Experience Abroad for A Level MFL students, Maths Challenges, Mock Trials, Science Olympiads, Ski trips, Sports (clubs, fixtures, trips), Theatre Trips, Work Experience, Young Enterprise

Our Subject staff give generously of their time above & beyond and offer this wide range of subject based enrichment.  We do encourage all students to get involved:


Extra Curricular Opportunities on offer at AGS


Photojournalism Competition - all KS

Film Competition - all KS


KS3 - Bristol zoo trip y7, lunch stick insect cleaning by invitation

KS4 - Intermediate biology olympiad,

KS5 - Biology live lectures, Cancer studies visit to Oxford Uni,Y12  Intermediate Biology olympiad, Y13 Biology Olympiad, Optional DNA techniques residential, compulsory field course residential, optional Genetic engineering practical, Sci Society, Med Society (also open to y11)

All - invitation to assist in dissections for parents and potential students Open evenings


KS3 - Salters festival of chemistry

KS4 - RSC Top of the bench competition

KS5 - Chemistry Olympiad,  C3L6 (Cambridge University extension),

          Warwick Uni trip and lecture


KS3 - Lunchtime Physics Club

Year 9 - Physics Big Quiz with Birmingham University

KS4 - Intermediate Physics Olympiad

KS5 - Royal Institue’s Primary Maths for Physics Masterclass programme


Young Enterprise - National competition for ‘company teams’

BASE competition  - National Business & Accounting competition run by the ICAEW

Working lunch - talks by external speakers on a range of Economics / Business related topics


RES Essay competition

Working lunch - talks by external speakers on a range of Economics / Business related topics

Design Technology

Design Museum trip and workshop - Key stage 5

Product design in SAction lectures at Warwick University - Key stage 5

Regional design competition  through M.A.N at warwick university - Key stage 5

National Ventura competition  - Key stage 4

3D printing lunchtime club - Year 8


Writers’ Group: Tues 12.50-1.20 En1 (Sixth Form Creative writer and Mrs Bremner-Smith)    

Writing Competitions (Mrs Doudican and Mrs Bremner-Smith)

Public Speaking Competition Y10-11 (Miss Bailie)

Schools Challenge Y10-13 (Miss Humphries)

Poetry Slam Y7-11 (Ms McLean)

Trips: watch out for lectures, theatre trips, film screenings etc. (all teachers)

As per Opportunities Assembly slide


Whole School Play.

Theatre Trips

KS3 Drama Club

French, German, Spanish

Residential trips for Year 8 in enrichment week.

Work experience abroad for sixth form MFL students.

Language Leaders in KS3 and 4.

LangSoc in KS5.

Optional Olympiad essay competitions.

Annual Northern Hemisphere Language competition.

Visits to and from local university MFL departments arranged when available.

Annual celebration of European Day of Languages - this year featuring International “Bake Off” competition.


Trips to Castleton in year 7, River Arrow in year 8, Birmingham in year 9, residential trip to Snowdonia in year 10, Stratford and residential trip to Dorset in year 12. 

University revision day trip to year 13 

Weekly mentoring to year 13 students 


Trips to Warwick Castle, Black Country Museum

Y7 History Ambassadors

KS5 Lessons from Auschwitz Project

Food & Nutrition

KS4 & 5 trip to Good Food Show and UCB tbc

KS3 Textiles lunch clubs and pop up Food clubs 


Homework Club. Girl’s Coding Club. 

Computer Science in Action trip for sixth form. Other trips being researched. 

British Informatics Olympiad - sixth form. 

Cyber first for girls competition - year 8. Other opportunities as they arise.  



Omega Maths Club, Junior Maths Challenge, Year 7 Maths trail, Bletchley Park, Drayton Manor

KS4 -

Maths Lectures, Intermediate Maths Trail, Maths support sessions, Maths Team Challenge


Maths Lectures, Maths support, Senior Maths Challenge, Senior Team Challenge


KS3:  Young Voices,  

KS4: GCSE Booster Sessions, 

KS5: A Level Booster Sessions, A Level Recital Evening, Symphony Hall Concert Trip 

Weekly lunchtime clubs: Young Voices, Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, ‘STRUM’ Guitar Group, Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, ‘Beat It’ Drumming Group, Listening Club, String Group 

Christmas Concert, Carol Singing

Summer Concert, House Music

Physical Education

Extra Curricular clubs

Residentials to Calshot (Sixth Form) and Condover Hall (KS3).

Overseas trips for both Sixth Form and K3/4

Day trips to Wimbledon, Worcester Wolves basketball and Superleague netball


Youth Parliament voting & form discussions


Year 13 - ‘Behind Bars’ trip

Residential trips - previously London, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow

Philosophy Religion & Ethics

Philosophy Club

Short Course GCSE

KS5 Athens trip (pending)

PRE Y8 trip as part of Humanities week - Gurdwara Sahib and P4C

Y7 Philosophy for Children ½ day workshop