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Financial Support

Whilst we have a finite budget at AGS you should be aware that there are some means available by which we can support some students financially.

1. There are sums provided nationally for some students aged 19 or below, to receive Free School Meals. In order to qualify for this support the criteria are as follows:

  • Family receives Income Support or Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance. Please note, Contribution-Based Job Seeker's Allowance does not qualify for free school meals.
  • Family receives the Guarantee element of State Pension Credit.
  • Family receives Child Tax Credit and has an annual taxable income, as assessed by HMRC, not in excess of £16,190. Please note, families who are also awarded Working Tax Credit do not qualify to claim free school meals regardless of income.
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.
  • Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related). Please note, Contribution-Based E&SA does not qualify for free school meals.

You can apply online  or alternatively you can apply by telephone on 01926 742060.  If successful, funds are credited to your child’s dinner account without anybody else’s knowledge.

2. When you successfully apply for free school meals the school will receive Pupil Premium funding, even if your child does not want the meal.

Please click here to see our Pupil Premium policy.  AGS primarily use this funding for 1:1 teaching assistant support for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students in receipt of free school meals.  The decision on this support is made by the Head of Key Stage in conjunction with the student and their parents/guardians. Where 1:1 support is not provided you may apply for support from the Pupil Premium fund to support the list of bursary items below. Please apply in writing to your child’s Head of Key Stage if you wish to access this funding.  Please also be aware that if your family is registered for free school meals you may be eligible to claim other forms of assistance, for instance with home to school transport.

3. The former Education Maintenance Allowance, which was paid to post-16 students, has been replaced by a Bursary Fund which the Sixth Form Office now manages.

This can be used to support the list of bursary items below. Please apply to Mr Young, Head of Sixth Form, ( ) who manages this account sensitively and again in strictest confidence.

4. The AGS School Fund, into which many people pay regularly and generously, along with other small trust funds, can be used on occasion to subsidise costs of the bursary items below on a case by case basis.

In this respect you should write or e-mail me directly ( in order that I can consider making a contribution to such costs.

Bursary items that will be considered: 

  • Music lessons
  • PE kit
  • School uniform
  • School related equipment, e.g. scientific calculator
  • Home study equipment, e.g. desk, lamp
  • Support in funding of curriculum focused visits e.g. Geography field trip
  • Duke of Edinburgh

We understand that this is a sensitive issue and many people will be keen to uphold their family pride but this can be achieved at the same time as accessing some albeit modest support which can make a difference and, above all, ensure that young people are able to access the fullness of the menu which we want to be available to the maximum number of students.

Therefore, please feel able to contact us in complete confidence should you wish to apply for support or discuss your particular situation. In appropriate cases we will help if we can.

5. Newport's School Foundation

Newport's School Foundation was founded in 1582 to assist needy children of Alcester in obtaining an education. It established a school in 1610 and provided financial assistance to students. It became the progenitor of Alcester Grammar School, with the help of the Marquess of Hertford.

Currently, the Foundation offers financial assistance to pupils, or former pupils, of the three secondary schools in Alcester between the ages of 16-25. It can also provide grants to the schools. 

This route provides an option for parents who feel uncomfortable about disclosing their financial position to the school.

In the past year, the Foundation has provided personal grants for various items, including travel passes, books, computers etc. It has also provided St. Benedict's assistance to support a mental health project and two grants to Alcester Academy and ten laptops for digitally deprived students.

Any persons or schools eligible for grants are encouraged to apply.

The Foundation has a website where you can download an application form at