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German (A Level) AQA

The AQA course is followed for A Level German. This course enables students to develop confident, effective communication skills in German and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries and communities where German is spoken. It deepens interest in, and enthusiasm for, language learning and encourages students to consider their study of the language in a broader context. 

This specification requires students to develop their ability to write, translate and speak in German with accurate grammar and syntax for a range of purposes and to understand written or spoken German in a variety of contexts and genres.

Year 12 (Year 1) Topics

Aspects of German-speaking society

  • Family life
  • Digital world
  • Youth culture

Artistic culture in German-speaking world

  • Festivals and traditions
  • Art and architecture
  • Cultural life in Berlin in the past and today

Y13 (Year 2) Topics


  • Immigration
  • Integration
  • Racism

Aspects of political life in German-speaking society.

  • Reunification and the consequences
  • Politics and young people
  • Germany and EU

Individual Research Project prepared for speaking examination.

Literary works studied:

We study two literary works at A Level. These are:

  • Goodbye Lenin! (film studied in Year 12)
  • Der Vorleser ( novel studied in Year 13)