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Home-School Agreement

Please see below to view the home-school agreement, signed by all students and parents as part of the admission process.

We expect all students to:

  • maintain a high level of attendance
  • be punctual to all registrations, tutor times, assemblies and lessons
  • treat all other members of AGS with respect and kindness
  • put in the effort required to be successful
  • make positive contributions to school life
  • take responsibility for my own learning and actions
  • be organised and bring the correct equipment to school
  • establish and maintain good homework routines
  • treat all property and equipment at AGS with respect
  • wear my uniform correctly
  • act appropriately when wearing my uniform to and from school
  • ask for help when I need it
  • follow e-safety advice and use technology appropriately
  • tell a member of staff if I think that bullying (of any kind) is going on
  • tell a member of staff if I am worried about anyone’s safety at home or in school

We expect all parents to:

  • ensure my child attends school regularly, on time and in correct uniform
  • support my child to be organised with books and equipment
  • check my child’s pocket planner weekly
  • support my child to establish and maintain good homework routines
  • support the school ethos with high expectations for behaviour, effort and participation
  • support the school’s behaviour and sanctions procedures
  • inform the school of any circumstances which may affect my child’s performance or well-being
  • make every effort to attend parents’ evenings and information evenings
  • read progress checks, forms and reports
  • read and respond to emails and letters from school
  • provide the school with up to date contact information
  • inform the school on the first morning of any absence of my child

The school will:

  • provide a safe, happy and supportive environment for all students and staff
  • encourage all students to act with tolerance, sensitivity and respect for all
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum, with support and challenge so that all students achieve their potential
  • provide a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities
  • support students to make informed choices about their future studies and career paths
  • provide meaningful homework which is set and marked regularly
  • provide regular information on students’ progress
  • promote high standards of behaviour
  • respond quickly to questions or issues raised by students and parents
  • deal with any incidences of bullying quickly and appropriately

Home School Agreement