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House System


Monday 3rd June 2024 saw the relaunch of the AGS House System. Five new houses, named after the trees which grow along the banks of the nearby Arrow Nature Reserve, began to take root. 

Each House is supported by a Head of House and a Sixth Form Team known as SALT, (Student Ambassador Leadership Team), which consists of two Senior Ambassadors, two Communication and Outreach Ambassadors, two Events Ambassadors and two Finance and Charity Ambassadors. The SALT team for 2024-25 can be found here on the school website. (The House year runs from Easter to Easter and a new SALT team will be elected after the hustings in March 2025.)

There will also be House positions elected in the lower years. Holders of these offices as well as leading house assemblies, organising and running House events and fundraising, will also represent AGS at school events. Every member of Staff across the AGS community is in a House and is able to award House points.

During the school day, House points are awarded according to two categories in line with our school ethos: AGS Learner and DHB (Decent Human Being) behaviour. Points are also awarded for entering and participating in a wide range of House competitions covering a whole range of interests and disciplines, with House cups being awarded on a termly basis at Celebration Assemblies.

Each House is assigned a half-term within which to undertake at least one Community event and one Charity fundraiser for their chosen House charity. 

Future House dates for your diary can be found here:

House Music : 4th July

Students will showcase their musical talents by competing in a range of categories. Each year group will be able to cheer on their peers throughout the day.

Sports Day : 5th July

A further highlight of the school year will see students run, throw, jump, and compete in a whole range of sporting endeavours to achieve vital house points for their house, cheered on by the tireless supporters on the sidelines. Face paint at the ready!

Enrichment Week : 15-19th July

This year’s Enrichment week will be further enriched by the addition of several house-related activities and invaluable opportunities to gain house points. This will culminate in a House Festival for Y7-9 on the last day of term consisting of House challenges and a whole range of activities. There’s everything to play for! We look forward to updating you further as we continue this exciting journey!

Finally, if you would like to stay updated with the launch of the new House system, you can now follow us
on X: @AGS_House