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The Life programme is a key part of Year 12 and it aims to ensure that our students are prepared for the journey they will undertake when they leave Alcester Grammar School - wherever their destination may be.

The programme runs fortnightly on a Tuesday morning during period one and, in addition to support from staff within the school, will bring in speakers and professionals from all walks of life.

Connecting with the Careers programme, and aiming to provide a wider perspective on students' opportunities and responsibilities, the sessions offer a space in the curriculum to support students and to guide them through the year. Some sessions cover traditional routes such as university or apprenticeships and provide information on how to plan towards those, while others cover broader issues such as charity, happiness and motivation. A number of speakers return every year but the programme looks to provide a variety of experience and to include everyone.

The journey from here to success is very rarely a linear road: it twists and turns and takes you in many different directions before you reach your dream career. It is important to remember to enjoy each part of this journey and to build up strategies for resilience and happiness, as well as focusing on academic achievement. Remember that being in the Sixth Form is the beginning of that journey with many decisions to make, but also remember to enjoy the many opportunities that Alcester Grammar School will give you over the two years.