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At AGS we have a wide variety of residential trips - some standard 'fixtures' in the school calendar, some more of a 'one-off' nature.  All are dependent on having staff willing to organise them and, of course, parents willing to support them!

Regular trips include:

Year 8

  • MFL trip (France, Spain or Germany), c£450, launched at the end of Yr7
  • Netball trip to Condover Hall
  • Football trip to Condover Hall

Year 9

  • Ski trip (Italy, France or Austria), c£1100, launched at the start of Y8
  • Bronze DofE Award (2 expeditions) c£200, launched at the start of Y9
  • Newquay watersports and adventure week, c£430, launched at the start of Y9
  • Netball trip to Condover Hall
  • Football trip to Condover Hall

Year 10

  • Winter Adventure trip to Iceland, Finland or similar, c£1900, launched in Y9
  • Silver DofE Award (2 expeditions) c£260

Year 12

  • Gold DofE Award (2 expeditions) c£370

Year 13

  • Ski trip (USA or Canada with city stopover) c£1900, launched at the start of Y12
  • Major expedition (3 weeks, Africa, Central America or SE Asia), launched at the start of Y12 (with 2 or 3 training weekends)
Subject-based trips include:
  • Geography field trips in Y9/Y11/Y12/Y13
  • Biology field trip in Y12
  • Biology DNA trip in Y12
  • PE Netball Y10/11
  • PE Calshott activity centre in Y12
  • Psychology & History trip to Poland or similar in Y12/13

The intention is to offer a range of trips at different prices to suit all home financial circumstances.

Students are expected to behave as they would in school.  They are also expected to be prepared for trips in terms of the necessary skills, resilience and attitude.  The school reserves the right to not take students on trips who have demonstrated that they have not met the above requirements, either in school or on previous trips.  Where there is over-demand for a trip then staff reserve the right to use the above to create a waiting list.